I belong to the PP, People´s Party, the main Conservative party in Spain. I voted for them in the last national elections because I expected them to fight for Civil Rights and Justice, as they did when they ruled from 1996 to 2003 under Mr J.M Aznar. Today the Conservative Minister of Justice A.L. Gallardón, has unveiled a proposal of bill that goes straight agains its electoral promises, and in line with the Socialist Party programme. It would undo a reform made by the Aznar government, that gave some influence to Judges in the elections of their main managerial and disciplinary organ, the General Council of Justice. If the bill pass, this organ would be fully elected by the Parliament. If you think this is good, you might remember that in Spain the Parliament represents Political Parties interests, not The People. So without a electoral reform, this are really bad news.

And this comes atop of another recent reform made by the same minister, a reform to put a tax to access to the Courts. A tax with a minimun of 100/150 €, that added to other costs/ features of our procedure-law, makes Justice unafordable for many people and subjects: Starting with fines by the State, that are frecuently below that limit.

Spaniards had already lost the right to appeal (except if you were rich) with the previous socialist primer minister, J.L.R. Zapatero. We lost the right to claim against admnistrative actions in some topics, like traffic fines. Now we have lost the mere access to courts in a wide arrage of affairs, and our meager independence of Justice is under attack.

I did not vote this guys for this. I did it for them to enhance democracy, to protect Civil Rights, to protec taxpayers and customer against abuses.  When I see what they are doing, I feel sick.