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I am going to give an example to foreigners of what the Spanish Corporate State considers “basic services”. And that way you can get familiar with The Catalonian Government, nationalist, separatist, and austere as only Germans can be (I am obviously kidding).
Now, links to “La Vanguardia”, a catalonian-nationalist newspaper.
August 24 2012: The Catalonian government wants to get rid of its investments on ski resorts in Catalonia. Lluis Recoder, a Regional Minister, declares that being the formal owner the Catalonian Railway Company (Public – FGC) only makes things worst because FGC should be investing in railways, not in (broken, I add) resorts.
October 17 2012: FGC buys a 51% of Vallter-2000 resort by 2.4 MILLION EUROS to Vallter Limited. The Catalonian Government argues that the sky resorts have a “strategic interest” for the Catalonian Nation.
Meanwhile Catalonia has been closing hospitals and schools for years, and I am not talking about the current crisis but about the “boom” years. The Government, of course, has “real” reasons like nude protectionism or employment protection but, why do they protect resorts owners (that are the ones really protected, not the employees) instead of, say, doctors? Which is the economic explanation of this investment that you had -thoughtfully- discarded a couple of months ago?

This is… whose is Vallter Limited and who is going to cash in the famous 3% to 20% in bribes? And could you wonder why Catalonia has never recover its old economic power, lost during the 1990s crisis?.

What remains is a facade, a farce, with National Embassies of Catalonia worldwide and closed clinics. And their political elite is fighting to keep this facade alive, and pass the bill to the rest of Spain, to remain in power and to keep having the privileges that all the Spanish politicians think they deserve.
There is nothing more typically Spanish, more Corporate in Spain, than Catalonia, except perhaps Andalusia. I promise (and if I fail, please, remember it to me) to talk about the “double 3% scandal” in Catalonia, and the INVERCARIA scandal in Andalusia. They both are so simply laughable, that look unreal…

This is part of a reply I have given at http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2012/10/spains-unfinished-transition-from-dictatorship-to-democracy.html#aPODF9k9Cv0X8R81.99