Neoclassic economics take place in a fairy land out of space and time… for me, Economics is similar to Geology, not to mathematics. It should not talk to us about what could happen, in simple, elegant ways (Demand, offer, interest rate, aggregate whatever…) but about what has really happened in the past, what weird, strange, absurd ways people has taken here, or there, and what could we foreseen from here ahead. Like geology, that talks to you just a little about the big forces on earth, but after that has to concreet what in hell makes so different all that rocks that are made of the same SiO2, Economics should tell us what makes our lives so different, when we, as individuals, are so similar. And that is something that can´t be done comparing “aggregate demand in Spain, Germany, and Lesotho”.

Why is it so relevant now?

Because Neoclassic Economics, with all its merits but, mainly, with all its flaws, has ruled the world during all the XX century, be it in the “Democratic” or “Socialist” world (Read Osar Lange for the soviets). And it is doing the same with the XXI. We (North America, Europe, Japan) are in a terrible crisis. Our economic (?) policies are not only worsening things for us, but spreading chaos. Its time to ask for, to shout for a change. I think we need real-world economics, not ivory towers and ocasional helicopters.