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This week has been a really busy week at home and at work. Nevertheless, a story caught my eye. The socialist (PSOE party) president of the “Diputacion de Sevilla” (a powerful local entity) has been accused by the opposition (PP party) of corruption. He would be hiring people freely (something he can do only in case of exceptional needs) and firing them when they have worked enough time to get social benefits. Then he contracts another, and fires the first person. And then another, and another, and another, and finally, the first one again. When asked, did he rejected the accusation? No, indeed, he affirmed proudly that although some “necessary” people would never be fired, it was a fair scheme to share scarce resources among “the others” in time of crisis. Of course, its to share taxpayers money with his people, but he looks unable to distinguish between the public budget, his party budget, and his own money. Although he ought to go to jail, and anyone in the public or private sector would go to jail (employer and employee) for the same fault, being a politician, he is outside and over the law, so we will have to wait and see…. Today he is still free, and his declaration has not deserve more than a couple of news.

Incredible? Spain.